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Twinstate Success Stories: Twinstate Helps Morrisonville, NY Business

Large or small, privately owned or corporate, ransomware isn’t picky. This point never became more of a reality for Morrisonville's Tony Searing, Franchise Owner of Hospitality Recruiters of New York, LLC, than in May 2017. What started out as an average day fulfilling placements and vetting candidates turned into havoc when Tony’s network was hit with ransomware.

Twinstate Success Stories: Twinstate Helps Village of Potsdam, NY

Ensuring that a town operates smoothly requires a lot of moving parts. Balancing the needs of different departments whose sole purpose is to function for the people living there is key. The same goes for the Village of Potsdam who was in need of a new security and IT partner. They looked to Twinstate Techonologies for help.

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