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Alissa MomotMar 30, 2022 6:11:36 PM1 min read

Phishing alert for the Northeast! Be on the lookout.

A phishing scam is hitting Northeast businesses

Be on the lookout! A phishing scam is setting bait using a SharePoint File share link.

The phishing email is typically sent from a familiar contact and looks like the below:

Phishing email _ sharepoint file

When you click on the link it brings you to a phishing page that likely looks like the below:

Phishing scam adobe

This looks pretty legit - but it isn't. When you fall victim to the attack (you sign in with O365, OWA or other mail) - the hacker will then have your login credentials and access to your email, and your contacts. They have been known to search through emails, but primarily using the compromised accounts as a vehicle to continue spreading their mayhem.

If you have fallen victim to the attack, here's some steps to take:

  1. Change your password immediately
  2. Contact your IT provider
  3. Call your contact list and let them know that your email had been compromised and advise them not to click on the link from the email. If they clicked on it, advise them to take the same steps you have. It's likely that their contact list has also been compromised
  4. Implement a Multifactor Authentication Solution to help secure your email and other accounts`

A friendly reminder that if you aren't expecting an email or a link from someone to call and validate that the link is legitimate. And implement a cybersecurity awareness program to help your team identify malicious attacks before disaster strikes.

As always, Twinstate Technologies is here to help. Contact us for help at or call us at 800.833.8000