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Alissa MomotOct 12, 2021 11:14:12 AM1 min read

Types of Multifactor Authentication Methods

Multifactor Authentication is gaining in popularity as a top tool to help secure an organizations digital assets. It allows organizations to better secure users who are working outside of the traditional perimeter of an office. You've likely used a form of 2FA or MFA without even realizing as tech giants like google are pushing users to adopt this technology.

There are several different kinds of Multifactor Authentication or MFA methods you may want to consider to help secure your business from the cheats, creeps and thieves. Here's a list of the types!

Authentication Method Definition
Short Message Service (SMS) A code is pushed to your phone in the means of a text message.
Email A code sent to your email address
Phone call A call that typically delivers a code or another form of authentication method
Push Notification These are done through authentication apps. You set these up (usually by scanning QR codes in your app), and then each time you try to access the app, you get a notification with a code
Mobile Passcode This is executed with a verification code that is sent through your 2FA mobile app
Hardware Token Tokens are similar to USBs
Security Key A device connected to your computer that can verify your identity via touch.

Implementing some version of MFA can help keep the bad guys out. In fact, 99.9% of attacks can be blocked by MFA. Implementing a multifactor authentication solution can take a large amount of strategy to ensure it's success in the workplace.

Figuring out what MFA solution will work for your organization can be a difficult journey to take alone. Our experts have evaluated multiple different types and vendors for each solution and are on hot standby to help you find the right solution for you.

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