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Evan Clark Jun 17, 2020 8:16:08 PM 2 min read

Outsmart Cyber Creeps With Windows 10

The threat landscape has evolved significantly in recent years. It feels like every day we read another headline about an organization getting breached. With the average cost of a data breach totaling $3,500,000, enterprises need a security solution they can rely on.

Microsoft has responded by changing the architecture of Windows 10. Windows 10 has built-in bigger walls against these attacks; it's locking the criminals out. Windows 10 provides a comprehensive set of protections against modern security threats.

Protect your identity with Windows 10

Passwords are not secure and password fatigue has resulted in bad password management habits among most end users. 75% of individuals use on three or four passwords across all of their accounts.

This is a real problem for corporate networks. An employee using the same password for their LinkedIn account as they use for their work accounts heightens the risk of impersonation on your enterprise network. What happens when LinkedIn suffers a data breach and that employee's email address, place of employment, and password is exposed for all the world to see, or worse, sold on the dark web?


Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport are a fresh alternative to passwords, introduced in Windows 10.

Secure your information with Windows 10

Everyone makes mistake and senior managers are no exception. 87% of senior managers have leaked corporate data to unmanaged personal locations leaving valued information vulnerable to interception during the data transmission or unauthorized access. Aside from storing data improperly, 57% of us have sent data to the wrong person.


Windows 10 has Enterprise Data Protection, now at the file level, to help ensure corporate data isn't accidentally or intentionally leaked to unauthorized users or locations.

Defend your devices with Windows 10

An attacker can remain undetected in your environment for 200+ days, Wendell's Furniture in Colchester, Vermont had ransomware hidden on their network for six months. That's a scary number now that people are bringing more devices and personal devices to work.


Windows 10 provides Trusted Boot to help ensure that a genuine version of Windows starts first on your device preventing attackers from evading detection.

Safely surf the web with Windows 10

Everyday, more than 300,000 new malicious files are created and distributed across the internet. That's 10,800,000 new malicious files spread across the web each year. What are the odds that one of these malicious files is hidden in one of the email attachments you receive this year or embedded in an ad on website you've visited?


Device Guard on Windows 10 completely locks down your device, so you can run only trusted applications, scripts, and more.

It's time to take action to protect your organization.

By deploying the security features in Windows 10, you can out smart today's cybercriminals and neutralize their destructive tactics before they've even begun. Stay on the offense against cyber crime by protecting yourself with Windows 10.