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IRS Section 179: Get Paid to Upgrade

Section 179 of the IRS tax code was created to benefit businesses, it's simple to use, and valid on most types of equipment. Section 179 presents...

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Cybersecurity, Healthcare

What is Ryuk? The New Ransomware Targeting Hospitals

Healthcare providers across the United States are facing "an increased and imminent cybercrime threat," according to an alarming report from CISA,...

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A Menace in Your Mailbox: The Case for Email Protection

Every now and then, an email with an enticing subject line appears in your inbox and you end up clicking on it, either out of curiosity or because...

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Communications, Microsoft

Microsoft Teams as a Business Phone System: 3 Options & Considerations

The proliferation of Microsoft Teams in the workplace has really skyrocketed since the new remote workforce has come into place over the last...

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Cybersecurity, Education

School Data Breaches: Understanding Your 4 Biggest Risks  and What You Can Do About Them

Data breaches affect millions of Americans when social security numbers are lost, credit card numbers stolen, and email accounts are infiltrated...

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