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Cybersecurity, Education

School Data Breaches: Understanding Your 4 Biggest Risks  and What You Can Do About Them

Data breaches affect millions of Americans when social security numbers are lost, credit card numbers stolen, and email accounts are infiltrated...

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The 10 Stages of Business Email Compromise [infographic]

In a business email compromise (BEC) attack, an attacker will take control of someone's email account, either by purchasing the login credentials...

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Cybersecurity, News

Dunkin' Data Breach Highlights Third-Party Risks

DD Perks account holders found themselves the victims of a security breach that exposed their personal information.

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Training Call Center Agents: Cultivate Super Agents

The nature of work is undergoing rapid changes brought on by evolving technologies and the entrance of generation z into the workforce. How will...

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Communications, Microsoft

Team Collaboration Software: Why is Microsoft Teams Growing so Fast?

Microsoft Teams entered the team collaboration software market just over two years ago, in that time the platform has experienced tremendous...

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