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Evan Clark Jun 25, 2020 3:15:29 PM 2 min read

UCaaS: Improving Productivity and Satisfaction

Technology is changing how we communicate in the office and how our customers communicate with us. Workers are using more devices today - smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are used daily for work. The remote workforce means fewer employees are centralized and communication and collaboration largely take place digitally on many different devices. Keeping up with the changing digital formats is tough, but it has its benefits. 

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What is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) presents a simple, secure, and cost-effective means of collaboration and communication for the modern workplace.

UCaaS is a communications solution adapted for the internet age. Yes, you’ll still have the phone on your desk, but UCaaS adds cutting-edge software for desktops and mobile applications on top of your IP phone hardware. 

UCaaS allows you to make and receive phone calls, chat using an instant messenger, launch video calls, and more - all with one solution! The as-a-service model ensures a headache free, user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to on-premise equipment, maintenance contracts, and confusing interfaces.

Three advantages of UCaaS are that you can say goodbye to on-premise equipment, maintenance contracts, and confusing interfaces.

UCaaS Improves Productivity 

Adoption of UCaaS has been shown to lead to greater customer retention and a happier, more productive workforce.

Another UCaaS benefit is that UCaaS adoption results in greater customer retention, employee productivity, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Does UCaaS adoption improve customer engagement?

Yes. The Unified Communications as a Service platform keeps your tools relevant and accessible on the devices your team and customers use. 

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Companies tend to engage customers using email and voicemail which is increasingly being viewed by consumers as out of touch and inefficient. More than ever, customers prefer to communicate with businesses via text message. 

Infographic: Texting for Customer Engagement. 92% of adults in the US carry smartphones capable of text messaging. 85% of customers prefer a text message over a voicemail. 29% of customers don't even listen to their voicemails. 80% of people use text messaging for business. 72% of professionals prefer texting to other messaging applications. 14% of companies actually engage customers over text.

Texting for business is an underutilized channel to engage your customers. With just 14% of companies participating with their customers over text, there’s still time to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging texting for business. Workers overwhelmingly want to utilize their smartphones to communicate, too whether it’s to engage with customers or communicate internally. 

Supporting business texting is more straightforward than ever with Unified Communication software available to text-enable landline phones and 800 numbers.

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Calculate ROI -- UCaaS ROI Calculator