Evan Clark Jun 26, 2020 12:55:06 PM 4 min read

Training Call Center Agents: Cultivate Super Agents

The nature of work is undergoing rapid changes brought on by evolving technologies and the entrance of generation z into the workforce. How will these changes affect your call center? Is your call center positioned to be a disruptor or be disrupted by these changes?

Set your call center up to succeed in the new age of employees by cultivating an agent-first approach. Cultivating an agent-first attitude will help you develop super agents. Super agents are the agents that we all want to connect with when we call a support center for help.

After your customers have scoured the FAQ section on your website, and all of the simple questions have already been asked and answered, they pick up the phone and dial your call center hoping to reach a super agent who can solve their issue. If you want to help all of your agents become super agents, you will have to create the right culture to recruit and retain talent and provide the cutting edge tools, such as AI assistance, that empower agents to develop into super agents. 

Not every call center will be able to Train super agents.

Older call centers operating on legacy systems are often prevented from implementing the programs that would improve their ability to recruit new talented agents and retain existing agents. 

You have to be able to attract the right talent by striking a proper work-life balance. The upcoming generation of agents places value on balance, flexible scheduling, rewards for producing results, and the option to work from home. 

Offering flexibility to agents is a recipe for success. Agents arrive to work in a better mood when they're allowed to select hours that are more suitable for them. 

Call centers Training the agent-first attitude should consider the impact that every decision will have on agents.

Show your agents that you value them. If you're thinking about implementing a new process, or acquiring new technology, ask yourself "how will this affect your agent and the experience they're able to provide?"

  • Collect agent feedback in the planning stages
  • Actively seek ideas and input from agents on how to improve agent and customer experience 
  • When demo-ing new technology, bring in agent representative 
  • Seek agent feedback about current processes and technology. What are their likes/dislikes?

By including agents in the decision-making process, you give them a sense of accomplishment and assure them that their ideas matter and that you care about their perspective. As a call center supervisor, you also benefit from receiving the insight of agents who regularly interact with your technology and processes.

To keep up with the rapid pace of change in business, call centers need to adopt an agent-first attitude focused on super agent cultivation. Make sure your agents are empowered with the necessary call center software to become super agents!