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Twinstate Technologies Hires in Face of Rising Cybercrime


MORRISONVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 26, 2016 – Twinstate Technologies® hires Edward Golden, CISSP®, CISM®, the company announced today. A former Northrop Grumman Cyber Operations Center Manager, Golden was hired to support the increase in demand for cybersecurity services due to the exponential rise in cybercrime. Mr. Golden serves as Cybersecurity Specialist and brings more than 20 years of high-level cybersecurity expertise to the company’s Information Security Advisory Team (ISAT).

“The addition of Ed to our team coincides directly with the fast-paced growth of today’s threat landscape,” says Twinstate Technologies CEO Devi Momot, CISSP®, GSLC®, GISP®. “With the increased number of customers we serve and their mounting need for advanced information and cybersecurity proficiency, it’s timely to take this step. Ed’s education, certifications, military and private experience, and access to specialized information within the field of cybersecurity make him a perfect fit for our organization.”

Twinstate Technologies hires Edward Golden, CISSP®, CISM®, in response to rise in cybercrime. Click to tweet.

Having worked in cybersecurity at the Department of Defense and with federal agencies, Golden was very interested in seeing the same type of effort applied to small- and medium-sized businesses and local governments. He found what he was looking for with Twinstate. 

“I was extremely pleased to see an organization of this size use such innovation to address the current and very complex problems of today,” says Edward Golden, CISSP®, CISM®. “The company has a lot of talent and energy to apply to help protect businesses. I want to be a solid contributor to Twinstate and further support its customers in making their networks as secure as possible.”

When asked what cyberthreats SMBs need to be most concerned about, he noted his particular concern over Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Nation-state actors target higher-level organizations within the U.S. government. However, they are increasingly targeting the business infrastructure, which makes SMBs very vulnerable to attack because they are not typically as prepared as enterprises. In addition, there’s an increase in the availability of hackers. The “hacker-for-hire” business is booming, and this influx of bad actors comes in many forms, from disgruntled employees and competitors, to organized crime syndicates and APTs. Businesses and individuals, alike, need to be prepared.

“The larger organizations have become more hardened with security, whereas the smaller organizations have not and are much more visible as targets for threat actors,” says Golden.

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Golden asks businesses to consider what it would be like if they suddenly lost all access to their data or were forced to pay a ransom to log on to their system. What if their data was posted on a public website for all to view? The effects could be detrimental to their reputation, lead to lawsuits or wipe them out entirely.

“In most cases, the cost of prevention is a lot less than the cost of recovering from a major incident,” says Golden. “It’s not a matter of if you’ll be attacked, but when, and how bad is it going to be?”

In most cases, the cost of prevention is a lot less than the cost of recovering from a major incident. 

More and more, companies are going to be held responsible for malicious infiltrations in their networks. Implementing the necessary security to protect company data is a must-do business decision. If businesses don’t put preventative measures in place, they will find themselves paying a lot more in the long run.

Implementing the necessary security to protect company data is a must-do business decision. 

Twinstate Technologies continuously encourages SMBs to take that first step toward tightening up their security, offering easy, inexpensive and effective solutions. Uniquely, the company offers both Red Team (offensive) and Blue Team (defensive) services, alongside incident response, compliancy, managed security and IT services, education and consulting.  

“We have to be brave in this new world,” says Momot. “The threats are real and it’s essential for everyone to be prepared. Twinstate is committed to helping SMBs navigate these tumultuous waters. With Ed’s leadership, we can further help bridge the cybersecurity gap for our customers between fear, understanding and action.”

“Helping our customers gain a better understanding of the nature of today’s cyberthreats and how the threats directly affect them is one of my main goals,” says Golden. “I look forward to translating the technical language into one that is clear, relatable and useful, aiding customers to create a direct route to better security posture.”

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