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Is Your Business Due for a Compliance Audit?

To protect your business from unnecessary risks and liability, prioritize compliance.

At least in healthcare IT — perhaps the area of industry best able to speak to the importance of compliance — that's the state of mind. In fact, in a recent survey of 1,100 IT professionals, over 100 of whom work in healthcare, 61 percent of healthcare IT managers said compliance was their main priority, compared to just 40 percent that said it was data breach prevention.

6 Internet of Things Security Challenges


Even just a decade ago, we wouldn't have been able to predict the vast and wild growth of the Internet of Things. Back then, we were still pondering the massive shift in publishing, from printed page to web page. Today, it's not only cars and computers hopping on the nearest wireless network, but coffeemakers, crock pots and clothes. (Yes, clothes: By some estimates, 10.2 million units of smart clothing will ship by 2020.)

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