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New York State Department of Financial Services and Finding Your CISO

With cyber policies tightening up by the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS), we created an overview of what these new regulations will look like to companies who fall into this category. Though as a whole, laws and regulations are becoming stricter for businesses across all industries due to high-targeted cyber threats; the financial services sector including banks, trust companies, insurance companies, mortgage lenders, investment companies, brokers and other financial service providers gets extra attention.

What to Pursue as a Computer Security Student

As a double major, SUNY Plattsburgh student in both computer security and management information systems, going into my last year of college, there are so many things I’d like to go back and do over. Things I’d like to tell my freshman self that would have made a real difference in the path I took and given me a better chance in my future job searching. A lot of prospective college students come into their first semester with no idea where they want their life to go. I was lucky enough to stumble upon my path early in my career, and I truly believe that has made the most impact in the development of my future.

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