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Is My Call Center Technology Up to Par?

When you're managing a lot of day-to-day issues and tasks, taking a step back and thinking strategy doesn't usually jump to the top of your priority list, even when it's top of mind. But when you do get the chance to get a look at your strategies, you can see how greatly infrastructure and resources factor into their successful execution. And when it comes to technological resources, which seem to evolve more rapidly than you can purchase them, it can be hard not to wonder if yours are up to snuff.

Healthcare Cybersecurity: To Protect Your Systems, Start Here

Imagine this fun scenario. Your home gets robbed and the thieves steal your safe full of family keepsakes. But it's a serious safe, well-built and sturdy, and they can't get in. So they ditch it. It's later identified, and you get it back with all contents intact. (That scenario is only fun because you got your things back.)

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