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3 Tips to Mitigate BYOD Security Risks

Recently, Tech Pro Research revealed responses to their April/May 2016 online survey, and the results shouldn't surprise you. According to ZDNet, "Only 2 percent of respondents said that mobile devices aren't used by employees at their company. Of the 98 percent who reported mobile device use, 94 percent said their companies use smartphones and laptops."

In short, BYOD is no longer emerging. It's here, and it's here to stay. So, what can you do about it, fast?

How to Prevent Spyware and Adware

According to InfoWorld, 2015 saw the creation of 27 percent of all malware variants. Ever. The adware/spyware program type makes up about 12.5 percent of malware — and, in much the same way that we can attribute the emergence of superbugs to the use of antibiotics, we can attribute the emergence of the newest malware to our use of increasingly adept antivirus programs. So what can you possibly do to prevent these programs from taking your business on a very annoying and harmful ride?

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