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Vendor Vulnerabilities: The Domino Effect

Every company in operation has vulnerabilities. It’s fair to say that vulnerabilities never truly go away in your business’s environment, but you do your best to maintain the integrity of your database. No matter how tight your cybersecurity, there will always be some amount of vulnerability, especially when you factor in human error. That’s why it is so essential always to have your finger on the pulse of your network operations and having a consistent schedule for any maintenance and monitoring of your data.

Choosing Your Vulnerability Assessment Tools

When choosing which vulnerability assessment tools to use to evaluate your business's security posture and where you can improve or fortify your network, it's important that you cover all categories of health without breaking the bank on proprietary tools. Twinstate's focus during a VA is less tool-centric than other security teams' might be. Instead of focusing on the tool brand, we focus on covering those health categories — and suggest you do the same. 

What is Vulnerability Testing?

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