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Twinstate Technologies Blog

Prevent Downtime with Redundancy and Resiliency

You’re in the middle of negotiating an important contract with your top client when the phone cuts out. Your firm is deep into filing clients’ taxes when the internet goes offline. Your customers are trying to reach out to you with important questions, and they can’t get through, and if they can’t get through to you, they might call someone else. Bottom line: downtime is expensive. Each minute that passes and your business is operating without a functioning phone and internet connection, your business is losing ROI because you’re unable to be profitable without the system working properly. According to the Ponemon Institute, unplanned outages have increased 38 percent since 2010 (see graph below). And the worst part is that all of this is out of your hands as a business owner; you have no idea how long your service provider will take to fix the issues. Twinstate Technologies® has redundancy and resiliency solutions that can circumvent and prevent downtime for your organization and provide the disaster recovery you need in the event your business is affected.