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Twinstate Helps Morrisonville, New York Business After Ransomware

Large or small, privately owned or corporate, ransomware isn’t picky. This point never became more of a reality for Morrisonville's Tony Searing, Franchise Owner of Hospitality Recruiters of New York, LLC, than in May 2017. What started out as an average day fulfilling placements and vetting candidates turned into havoc when Tony’s network was hit with ransomware.

Ransomware as a Service: Attacks for the Non-Technical

When you think of ransomware, you probably think of the people behind these malicious exploits to be basement-dwelling, hoodie-toting, socially-reclusive hackers. Or maybe you think of big bad cybercriminals within an anonymous organized crime network. But the truth of the matter is ransomware is not as elusive and complex as you may have believed. It is one of the most accessible pieces of malware that can be bought and sold as long as you know how to get to it. And getting to it isn’t nearly as difficult as you may have perceived.

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