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Petya, Ransomware Trends - A Sysadmin's View

Ransomware – the new vector of attack that is garnering worldwide attention and causing undue stress on those managing business computing environments. When I started my venture into the tech support role, I remember being thrilled to find different viruses and observe their behaviors. Nowadays, I resent the idea of one making it through our layers of protection and ultimately wreaking havoc on my infrastructure. Gone are the days of annoying and manageable infections; now are the days of disbelief when I see a new destructive ransomware variant on my news feeds.

Stop Exploits in Their Tracks with Intercept X

Exploits are often a topic that gets overlooked by anyone who operates outside of the tech community. The word isn’t as widely used as “malware,” “virus,” or “breach,” but the word “exploits” alone should signal a red flag that they are, in fact, a terrible thing.