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Introducing Mitel to a K-12 Environment

The K-12 environment is significantly different than it ever has been before. With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, schools, like other organizations, have the need to stay updated with the latest conveniences. However, a major pain point for school districts is being outfitted with outdated phone systems that tether faculty to their desks making it difficult to reach them or for them to reach who they need to while they are performing pressing duties elsewhere in the building or on campus. Nowadays with how advanced business phone systems have become, there is no reason for a school to suffer from a phone system that won’t allow its superintendents, principals, and other key staff members to be mobile throughout their day, enabling them to multitask other responsibilities. Imagine how much could get accomplished if they didn’t have to choose.

K-12: Updating Technology in Education

You’re in the educational system and have mastered the art of juggling. Budgets, curriculum, state and federal requirements to abide by, ensuring students pass and so on. But wrapped into all of that is also the technology piece that without, a school would cease to exist. Some of the best institutions in the country are successful in part because their decision-makers budget for superior technology. It is, in fact, a key piece to how a school operates. Nearly everything from alarm and surveillance, paging, bell and clock systems, mass communication to information security all depends on how well and updated the technology that supports it is.