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IT Solutions for the One-Person IT Department: Part 3

Last week we dove deeper into your next steps to building your IT department structure and learning valuable IT solutions. Now that you have completed the bulk of your IT department structure planning, we are going to wrap up our One-Person IT Department series with this final edition. You’ve come this far and put a large amount of time and energy into this project. So what’s the next step? Incident response, monitoring, and data backup and recovery.

IT Solutions for the One-Person IT Department: Part 2

In our February 24th post, we discussed specific challenges one-person IT departments face and first-step IT solutions to take in IT department structure planning. Whether you’re the CEO of a company, office administrator or anyone in between, we focused on highlighting what your first steps in organization should be. Starting out, it was important to gather all of your thoughts and think about what really needs to be done, what you can afford to outsource and what you think you can handle in-house.

IT Solutions for the One-Person IT Department