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5 Reasons Why Business Continuity Needs to Be In Your Security Stack

Your security stack has several important elements such as a next-generation firewall or endpoint security. When all the others fail, a solid business continuity platform is going to get you back on your feet. Learn the top five reasons why business continuity needs to be in your security stack.

Why Cloud Backup Should Be a Part of Your Contingency Plan

Unless you isolate yourself from the world, I’m sure you have seen the news feeds on the hurricanes and the damage they are causing. These disasters bring up the perfect opportunity to discuss cloud backup solutions and the importance of your business continuity plans when faced with these conditions. More often than not, I see businesses either disregard planning for disaster recovery and business continuity (DR/BC) entirely, or they don’t plan for worst case scenarios, which seem to become a reality lately. Though totally separate plans on their own and without getting into a total DR plan or BC plan, let’s talk about how cloud backup solutions should be a part of your contingency plan, aiding in business operations and safeguarding critical data. 

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