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Twinstate Ransomware Alert: WannaCrypt, WCry & WannaCry

Since Friday, you may have seen news alerts about ransomware known as WannaCrypt, WCry and WannaCry, which began encrypting victims' computer files in the UK, causing some businesses to temporarily close down.

This particular form of malware exploits vulnerabilities in Microsoft, specifically older versions of unsupported software (Windows XP/Server 2003, for example) that might be ineligible for a patch provided to fix the flaw earlier this year. Now Microsoft has made additional updates available to safeguard systems, however, it is incumbent on end-users to apply these patches to realize the benefits and reduce your risk.

Twinstate Technologies Becomes Gold Sponsor in ANYCon Conference

MORRISONVILLE, N.Y., May 11th, 2017Twinstate Technologies® is excited to participate as a gold sponsor at the first ever annual ANYCon conference in Albany, New York on June 16th and 17th. The event will focus on hacking, InfoSec, and cybersecurity while attracting participants from the Capital District and throughout the northeast region in an effort to build the cyber community. ANYCon is the first conference of its kind held in the Albany area.

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